About Angliverse

Angliverse is written by a word collector, who occasionally takes the words out of their shoeboxes and studies them through the glorious prism of Anglican theology. Then they are squeezed until they weep, boiled down to their essence, thrown high into the air and watched carefully to see where they will land, or sometimes purposely dropped on their heads, all for the purpose of making them sing of the glory of the King, who is the ultimate Word.

Sometimes during this process a whole new word is born, as in the case of Angliverse, which naturally has a double meaning. The entries are poetry written from a decidedly Anglican viewpoint, penned by an Anglican Deaconess who is at home only in an Anglican universe, where the emphasis in Via Media is on Via. For Christ who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life has come that we might have life and have it more abundantly now, that our daily walk in His Way might be filled with love and laughter, with thanksgiving and praise, with thought and feeling, all wrapped in the same holy shroud from which Jesus rose triumphant from the dead.

So please consider this blog a source of endless song to the Triune God, who is worth singing about forever and ever and all day long. And please consider yourself welcome here any time. But also please consider this: You have arrived in a world of poetry, a world this is a much wider and wilder place than many people are willing to explore. You have been warned.

If you wish to contact the poet to ask a question or to schedule a speaking engagement or conference, send an email to dsstrj(at)recdss.org.

Statement on permission to use these poems

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