October 6, 2013

Dragon Death

Posted in Darkness, Dragon, Redeemer, Resurrection tagged , , at 11:50 pm by Teresa Roberts Johnson

Let us have done with talk of crossing Jordan,
Or of travel to an undiscovered land.
Nor shall we speak of lowering the final curtain
Upon a play that lasted our life’s span.
For though we dress it up in pretty phrases,
Death is a dragon waiting for us all.
Upon each life the fell beast sits and gazes,
And over every pleasure casts his pall.
Yet there is hope, for Death has not the last word
O’er Him who died yet lives forevermore.
Though crumbling bodies for a season are interred,
Redeemed souls to the heavens soar.
The dragon’s pounce obliterates our darkness,
For Light engulfs the sleeper when he wakes.

Copyright © 2013 by Teresa Roberts Johnson (All rights reserved)

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